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    Success Stories

    We love helping our users become successful. Here are some of our favorites!

    About Enceen:

    Enceen is a platform that allows social influencers to share free and premium content and monetize their followings while sharing their passion with others.

    About Flyng:

    Flyng is a social startup that is best classified as “Tinder with categories” with a beta launch they have users in schools all across the country. The full scale launch is expected for February 2017.

    About HangOut:

    The idea behind HangOut was born on a Friday night when two roommates were struggling finding what the move on campus was, and wished there was a platform where students could easily, both privately and anonymously, express what they were doing. It was clear to that group message notifications caused a lot of frustration and often did not yield quality communication. Days later they set out to build a new way for their peers to find and share plans.