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    We Are EquityOwl

    Our goal is to help entrepreneurs succeed. We know that funding can be a huge hurdle to innovation and success, so we’ve decided to remove funding from the equation.

    About us - EquityOwl

    The People

    We are a team of individuals who love innovation and entrepreneurship. We don’t think funding should get in the way of a good idea. Fortunately, it seems many professionals share this same belief. We want to make it easy for these professionals to connect with innovators. Ultimately, our goal is to help entrepreneurs and startups to succeed.

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    The Platform

    Our platform allows entrepreneurs and startups to trade equity in their ideas for professional talent. We believe that strong teams can produce amazing results. Unfortunately, its hard for many entrepreneurs and startups to secure top talent. We change this dynamic by empowering entrepreneurs to leverage their equity.

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    I never thought that it would be possible for me to execute my idea without traditional funding. Fortunately, EquityOwl has proven me wrong.

    Charlie Schnitzer

    As a developer, I love that I’m able to own a piece of the projects I work on. There are a ton of great ideas on EquityOwl.

    Hunter Knepshield

    I had an idea for an app, but I couldn’t afford a developer. Fortunately, I found EquityOwl and was able to get my app built.

    Robert Farley