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    Who do you need to take your idea or startup to the next level? Easily find a perfect fit on EquityOwl. No Salaries. No Cash. Just Equity.

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    Getting started is easy. Simply create an account to post your ideas or offer your expertise to countless entrepreneurs.

    Unlimited Possibilities

    Success is right around the corner. Find the perfect people to make your idea the next big thing. We’re here to help!

    Funding Shouldn’t be a Hurdle to Success

    A good idea deserves a talented team. Funded or not, EquityOwl makes it easy to
    find talented professionals who are willing to work for equity.

    Why EquityOwl?

    We are passionate about startups and entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, we’ve seen countless great ideas fail because they lack the funding and/or talent to get them off the ground. We’re here to change that with EquityOwl.

    • Quick and Painless Setup
    • Easy to Use
    • Safe & Secure
    • Large User Community
    • Perfect for businesses of all sizes
    • Best of all, it’s free

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    Hundreds of ideas are posted on our site every month. Here are some of our favorites.

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